Motorcycle Sales Management Training

In 1980 Ed Lemco introduced a structured sales process to the motorcycle industry that keeps sales people on track and truly makes it easy for the customer to buy. Today the “Lemco” sales procedure is prevalent in retail dealerships around the world, with continued training being provided by Lemco Management Group, a Denver based company Ed sold in 2005.

Advanced Sales Manager Training
Frederiksted, St. Croix USVI
March 6-8, 2006

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Ed whole-heartedly recommends basic training for sales people and managers, but he stresses that there is a need to help dealers attain a higher level of control. Once a dealership has advanced to the point where they have a creditable traffic log, consistent follow-up on those entries is imperative. (Please see our Alliance Customer Service Center page.)

"Just Looking"

What has become clear with our customer service follow-up is that the customer’s experience and perception is not what even the best run dealerships assume. There can be number of reasons — dealers are cautioned to not be quick to blame the sales team.

Unlike most other retailers, many of our customers come in pre-determined not to buy. They are often very guarded and not responsive to the sales person contacting them. They are nearly always “just looking.”

Advanced Sales Management Training

Advanced sales management is not about reinventing the sales process, it is about better and more effective utilization of the resources that have evolved.

We have learned that, given the customer’s initial resistance, sales people need to be fully prepared to drive the process with little initial input from the customer. They must not be discouraged or distracted by a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the customer. Getting a best effort every time from the sales people needs specific focus and training.

Sales managers of dealerships using Alliance Customer Service Center services receive the latest training, provided personally by Ed Lemco in beautiful St. Croix. We hold several sessions throughout the year so that you can choose the best time to fit your dealership schedule.

Making the Sale

We have also learned that in spite of the very best efforts, we cannot always get a commitment from the customer to buy on the first visit to the dealership. Sales people need to be shown the value of capturing the contact information for even the least likely prospect on the traffic log. An identified prospect, who would not commit today, is a success — not a failure.

When given an opportunity, the call center will get 22% of the people contacted back into the dealership with a very high percentage buying a motorcycle. To do this, the entire sales team needs to understand the need to write down good daytime contact numbers. Then the sales team can turn the valuable feedback information provided by the Alliance Customer Service Center into incremental sales. Sales Managers are trained to fully understand how to make the most of this advanced process.

The retail motorcycle business is good and has grown to the point where competition is more sophisticated than ever. Astute dealers need to advance to a higher level to better operate their existing dealerships and be in a position to expand in the market place. The Alliance Customer Service Center and the related sales management training are designed to accomplish just that.

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