National Council of
Motorcycle Dealer Associations

The National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations held its first annual meeting. Members attending represented the states of Georgia, Utah, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina and one guest dealer from Ontario, Canada.

An Executive Board was elected which is comprised of five members:

Chairman Mike Marks

Vice Chairman Jim Boltz
Washington State

Secretary Charlie Finley

Treasurer John Paliwoda

Wayne Jones

The Board appointed Ed Lemco as Executive Director, who appointed Karen Rasmussen as Executive Secretary.


Members reaffirmed the mission and purpose of the organization and issued the following resolution:

“The NCMDA is committed to being a positive force within the industry and is open to input from all segments of the industry.

"The motorcycle industry as a whole can take great pride in the responsible manner that street motorcycles, off-road vehicles and ATVs have been marketed to the public by a regulated and licensed body selling safe products that meet Federal standards and providing only factory authorized products and trained service.

"The Council is committed to assuring the continued responsible marketing of these products by providing all state associations with the information and assistance needed to inform their respective state legislatures so that effective legislation can be enacted.”


The purpose for which the organization was founded is as follows:

  1. To be a resource for all state dealer associations.

  2. To promote the welfare of all state dealer associations.

  3. To strengthen existing state motorcycle dealer associations.

  4. To assist in the reactivation of dormant state dealer associations.

  5. To promote and assist in the formation of new state motorcycle dealer associations.

  6. To develop a basis for forward planning of new state motorcycle dealer associations

  7. To facilitate and promote the sharing of information among all state motorcycle dealer associations with respect to state and federal legislation.

  8. To facilitate and promote sharing of information among all state motorcycle dealer associations with respect to recruitment of membership, retention of experienced and effective association management, selection of qualified legal counsel and advisors, and the development of revenue sources.

  9. To cooperate wholeheartedly with all state motorcycle and automobile dealer associations.

  10. To promote and support state and federal legislation beneficial to motorcycle dealers.

Attending Members and Guests

The first annual meeting of the National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations was attended by the following:

Kerima Haynes

Wayne Jones

Jim Boltz
Washington State

Charlie Finley

Alan Rodenborn

Don Rooks

Scott Kuhns
New Mexico

Mike Marks

Jerry Abboud

Tommra Luparell

John Paliwoda

Will Loewer

Bill Young

Susan Fisher

Stephen Bieda
Ontario, Canada

Fred Thrower
Aristotle, Atlanta, Georgia

Cliff Kraushaar
G.E. Commercial Financial, Washington

Robert Bass
Myers & Fuller, P.A., Florida

Ed Lemco
Executive Director

Karen Rasmussen
Executive Secretary

Structure of the National Council

The National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations has been registered as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Florida. The registered agent and legal representative is Mr. Robert Bass, Esq. of the law firm Myers & Fuller P.A.

Mr. Bass and his firm have extensive experience representing Automobile and Motorcycle Dealers and state dealer associations. They have provided support and counsel on franchise legislation in a number of states. Firm founder, Mr. Dan Myers Esq., has a national reputation as a staunch dealer advocate.

Ed Lemco has been retained as Executive Director. Mr. Lemco is a veteran of 36 years in the industry, having been an OEM District Manager, a retail dealer and founder of Lemco Management, which continues as a primary source of management information and programs for motorcycle dealers.

As a dealer Mr. Lemco served as President of his state dealer association and as Founding Director and subsequently Chairman of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association which existed from 1974 to 1980. He is well known for his position of outspoken dealer advocacy and support of state dealer associations. His expertise on dealer operations has been accepted by state and federal courts, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Organizers of the National Council

Organizers of the National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations, which will have fifty members, one for each state, are:

Mike Marks
Texas Motorcycle Dealers Association

Charles Finley
Virginia Motorcycle Dealers Association

Wayne Jones
Utah Motorcycle Dealers Association

John Paliwoda
California Motorcycle Dealers Association

Corey Mathews
Florida Motorcycle Dealers Association

For More Information

For additional information on the National Council of Motorcycle Dealer Associations, please contact Ed Lemco or Karen Rasmussen (340-719-8591).

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