Transition Consulting

Harley-Davidson Dealerships
Sale and Acquisition Conference

April 3-4, 2007 — Downtown Denver

Conference Background and Highlights

The motorcycle industry in the United States has experienced an extended period of growth. The product offerings have become more varied and public acceptance is at an all time high as baby boomers, with the means, continue to redefine retirement. Harley-Davidson has been the most visible success within the industry.

Harley-Davidson dealers have been able to ride the wave, cashing in on high demand and generating a bottom line return seldom seen in any dealer enterprise. As supply catches up to demand the market, while still vibrant, is much more challenging than dealers have become accustomed to dealing with. New skill sets, systems procedures and protocols are required. Many dealers now find that given their age and financial position they do not have the desire make the changes needed.

There are now more dealership acquisitions available than ever before. Ed Lemco is a 37 year industry veteran who has been a Manufacturers district manager, long time dealer, industry consultant, publisher and an established advocate for dealers. In the past few years Lemco has been involved in the transfer of more retail dealerships than anyone in the industry. He is constantly called upon by dealers, potential dealers, financial institutions and institutional investors to establish values for dealerships.

Who Should Attend?

Attendance is imperative for dealers interested in the valuation of their dealership or those considering selling, acquiring a partner or structuring a buyout for a family or staff member. Current dealers seeking a better understanding of the current market and its driving forces so they can improve their existing operations, should also attend.

Prospective purchasers of a Harley-Davidson dealership will have an outstanding opportunity to gain a full understanding of the opportunity, potential return and challenges they will face. They will also have an opportunity to meet and hear first hand from lenders providing funding for acquisitions. Acquisition strategies and contracting structures, for what is quite a unique industry will be made available. Attorneys specializing in contracting motorcycle dealership acquisitions will make presentations and be on hand.

Individuals seeking financial partners to support an acquisition will be able to learn first hand what is required and will have the opportunity to meet many dealers seeking working partners and buyers seeking on site day to day managing partners.

Attendance will be limited to Harley-Davidson dealers and those with a clear interest in acquiring a dealership. OEM and aftermarket participation will also be permitted.

Additional Information:

Why use Ed Lemco to buy or sell a motorcycle dealership?

Experience and Credibility

  1. 35 years at all levels of the retail motorcycle business
  2. Involved in more transfers of motorcycle dealerships than anyone in the industry
  3. Proven ability to develop a credible and “bankable” pro forma
  4. Reliability of Lemco’s established reputation for no nonsense presentations
  5. Unbiased and professional assessments to point out all considerations
  6. Established relationships with specialized attorneys and accountants

Forward Earnings Basis

  1. One of the most important factors is what the Buyer can make
  2. Lemco provides a reasonable projection of income
  3. This provides a basis for evaluation of ability to pay back loans

Benefits to Buyers

  1. Specific information on available “headroom” and income potential
  2. Assistance with funding and OEM applications / approval
  3. Assistance in a smooth management transition
  4. Provision of operational guidelines and management contracts
  5. Guidance on peripheral income opportunities

Benefits to Sellers

  1. Price determination based on earnings potential — not on tax returns
  2. Lemco only brings qualified Buyers
  3. Minimizes Seller's investment of time, energy and expense
  4. Minimizes transaction time
  5. Seller receives their money sooner and can move on to other goals in life

Simplify the process!

Lemco eliminates or mitigates the distractions that often cause motorcycle dealership deals to break down!

Lemco and Alliance Management Partners are not brokers, accountants or lawyers. All services are performed under the terms of a Transition Consulting Agreement. Full cooperation with attorneys, accountants and tax advisors for both parties is provided. References are provided on request.

For additional information, please contact Laura Lemco (303-697-8514).

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